Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Suzuki DP-1000 Duality Digital Piano

Last year, Tracey's Family, Friends, and I all chipped in to get her a new piano. I search high and low for the perfect one considering price and quality. I really think I found it.
For starters it has a Dark Rosewood finish that matches our place. Obviously important in a piano :)

The keys are perfectly weighted to feel like the keys on a grand piano.

It has a ton of features including the ability to plug into your computer to record your playing.

It even has an ipod doc so you can play along with your music.

And my favorite part. It folds up to look like a normal side table.

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  1. Hi Adam, I'm writing to ask if after almost 6 months of purchasing the piano, you're still happy with it. I'm in the market to purchase a digital piano and I saw that brand online at costco's website. I don't know much about pianos and I'm definitely going to learn how to play and record. I saw Casio but people are telling me that the weight of the keys are very important and that casio is not too good. I need all the possible guidance before I make such an investment. If you have a minute to email me back at I would highly appreciate it. I also live in Los Angeles. If it's not too much to ask, what is the price you paid and did you also purchase it from costco? Thank you