Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Meridian Coffee Table

I love my Coffee table. It may not look all that special right now, but believe me. It's the coolest coffee table you'll ever see.

For starters, it's made from solid hardwood. Not particle board you get at IKEA (Nothing against IKEA. My imagination goes crazy in that store).

Nice little details.

Even imperfections in the wood, gives it character. But the best part is...

It transforms!

It has a spring loaded mechanism that lifts the top up to create a table at your couch.

It even has little compartments to store all of your remotes. Which, as you can see I have a lot of.


  1. I know this is an ancient post, but I don't see a contact email so I have to risk it: do you still love your coffee table? How has it held up? Do you actually use it as a table, and if so, how often? Sorry for the interrogation, but I am trying to replace our TV tables with something less offensive and this just seems about perfect. Thanks, -L

    1. Hi, yes we're still using it and we still love it. It's held up incredibly well. Though we don't use it as a table very often anymore. We got new couches that are a bit lower than the last ones, and the table part just sits too high for easy use.

      But I would definitely recommend it.