Monday, August 11, 2014

Model Hind D Helicopter

The Hind D is my favorite helicopter. It's a Russian gunship. It was featured in Metal Gear solid. And it's awesome. I love how it looks, with it's distinctively Russian design. Testing out the different colors I plan to use on the model. This is the first time I had ever painted model figures in a model. I thought they came out pretty well. The inside of the Passenger compartment. You can't really tell but there are seat belts on the bench. I used putty to paint the camouflage. I didn't use the actual Hind D colors, I used darker colors cause I thought it looked cooler. Preparing the wings and guns Attaching the propellers.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Catelyn Stark Bookecase

We named it the Catelyn Stark because it was a series of bad decisions. Luckily for us, it turned out well. First bad decision was instead of starting from scratch. We started with Ikea furniture. We took two 1x5 expidite shelves. Cut them up, and put them together. In case you ever wondered what was inside. Two IKEA Book cases become one. Before you ask, IKEA Doesn't make a 2x5 expidite shelf. That's why we did it. We painted the inside Orange. It didn't stick. we scuffed the hell out of the shelves. But nope. It peeled right off. It was house paint too. We put on legs that were way too small. And in retrospect, completely wrong color. We attached planks of Walnut. 1/8 inch thick. We Double scuffed the IKEA surface and glued them on. We then grain filled, stained, and finished the walnut. Moving it from the garage to the house. Had to go through an alley way first. Moving it into place. Filled it up. This is where we decided the legs were the wrong color. They just blend in with the floor and looks like it is floating. A lot of people like that look, But it wasn't for us. So changed to bigger legs made of Pine, that match the lighter wood color.