Friday, December 17, 2010

Apple Mac Mini

There's been a lot of talk about Google TV lately. But as with all HTPC dedicated boxes, there's always one thing missing. iTunes and youtube seem good enough, but sometimes you just want to download a movie or tv show the old fashion way. About a year ago I canceled my cable and replaced it all with a Mac Mini...and it's been awesome.
Typical with Apple. It's minimal and beautiful.

Brushed aluminum unibody with a mirrored Apple logo.

The under neath is a tapered stand that gives the Mini the appearance that it's floating.

The biggest change to this current Mac Mini was including an HDMI port. I had a Mini before this, and I had to jerry rig a displayport to HDMI adapter.

On the botton is the stand, but also the access to the inside.

Just turn the white dot to the circle.

And it opens up revealing easy access to the RAM. Unfortunately no easy access to the HDD. The inside is almost as pretty as the outside :)

It fits perfectly next to the TV. And the best part, no matter how or where a movie, tv show, or music shoes up. I can find it. I don't have to wait for Just netflix, or just hulu, or just itunes. I can go anywhere.

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