Thursday, March 3, 2011

Expedition Everest

So it's been awhile since I've updated, this is because I have been sick and then my camera was out of commission. It was with Tracey on a business trip to Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World (I know...awesome business trip). One of my dreams is to visit Nepal, but apparently they have a pretty good recreation of it in Animal Kingdom outside of the Expedition Everest ride. I had Tracey take some pictures for me.
It's like the basecamp lodge at the real Everest, ready to start the trek up.
The Expedition Everest ride. Looks just like the real thing...except for the roller coaster track going into it.
Really neat offering center. it's the same shape as the mountain behind it.

About the photos Tracey says "These pics are from the Anandapur village in Disney's Animal Kingdom. It's a mixture of Balinese Tibetan and Thai art styles. Most of the details actually came from Bali. The truck came from Thailand. It's a beautiful place and the details are pretty damn amazing."

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