Thursday, March 10, 2011

11 inch Macbook Air

I carry my laptop around on a daily basis, and as light and small as a 13 inch Macbook pro is - it still starts to hurt after awhile. So I traded up (or is it down?) to an 11 inch Macbook Air. A side from missing an SD card slot, it fits all of my needs perfectly.
1.6ghtz, 128ssd, 4gig RAM, It doesn't feel any slower than my Pro, but I never really do anything that intensive. If I do any 3D work I do it on my iMac, this is perfect to take to work and take on trips.
It came in the mail straight from China since I went for all the upgrades. I had to restrain myself from tearing into it.
It looks very comfy.
Classic Apple packaging. I'm pretty sure they have a dedicated team just working on how to package everything. It makes me wish all companies did this.
The commercials are right, the laptop hinge has the precise amount of tension that you can sit it down and open it with one finger.
I'm starting to feel like Apple is trying to phase out the power button. It really only remains on their computers and they always put it in inconvenient places. They're probably right because I haven't turned my phone off in years...nor my computers.
Very slim with USBs on both sides with Mini Display ports. (not Thunderbolt, whatever that is)
While the screen is smaller than the 13 inch, it doesn't feel smaller. It's the same width, and high enough resolution that you get used to it very quickly.
Next to a 15inch Macbook Pro (I'm not drowning in Macbooks here, this one is from work and I sold my 13 inch)
And something I'd like to see more of, OSX on a tiny USB drive.

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