Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Super Cars of the LA Auto Show

Here are some pictures of my favorite, and not so favorite Super cars from the LA autoshow.
First is the Audi R8 GT.

The R8 is one of my favorite cars out today. And the GT just makes it better.

The biggest change is probably the new V10 engine.

An easy way to spot the GT model is that the side induction vents flare out.

I've always loved the exposed carbon fiber panel. This car also had a gorgeous matte white paint job. And you know I HATE matte paint jobs.

Next is the Lexus LFA, at first I really liked it. The front end makes me think of the old Supras.

But then I saw the back. I'm sure the mesh is there for a reason, probably weight. But it just seems like too much. Though I do like the exhaust because I am a sucker for integrated exhausts.

My Least favorite of the show goes to the Infiniti Essence. I just can't get into the organic flowing look of it. It looks like fabric, and not in a good way.

And the back is...just gross.

I will admit that I really like the interior though. It feels like the entire control panel has been wrapped around the driver. Very Cool.

My favorite supercar of the show is the Jaguar C-x75. They had it ropped off pretty far away, so I couldn't get too many pictures. But man, you have to see this car in person. It's so sleek, the lines are perfect. It looks amazing.

I think it's very well proportioned.

And a Mercedes SLS, cause gull wing doors are cool.

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