Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Scooter: Genuine Buddy 125

I just recently purchased my scooter. I was jealous of Tracey riding around. So I bought a used Genuine Budy 125. If Tracey's Vespa is the Lexus of scooters, then mine is definitely the Honda of Scooters. It's fast, zippy, stable, and fun. But made with really cheap plastic materials. The good part is that parts are really cheap, and there are a ton of aftermarket accessories.
Compared to the front wheel on Tracey's Vespa, you can tell mine didn't get the same kind of design care.
The Speedometer is nice and big.
This is something that took some getting used to, but now seems to make a lot of sense. They put the seat release on the ignition. You're usually used to going to the seat to open it. But it makes sense on the ignition since ignition already has some sort of anti-theft safety built in.
The bike came with a black back rack, and I hated it. So I changed it to chrome, along with the cowl bars you see here. They're to protect the bike if it falls over.
And there's me in the reflection of the logo.

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