Tuesday, June 7, 2011


One of my favorite games is RISK! I love the strategy and world domination. Only thing I don't like is how long it takes to play. A new RISK came out a few years ago with new rules, you can now complete a game in just a few hours. Which is a HUGE improvement.
The also added in Cities and Army Capitols. Which all add to the strategy of the game.
I played as Red, and early on I managed to capture Australia. Which is the easiest continent to hold.
The Blue army managed to take over North America and quickly spread it's influence to south America.
The Yellow army took over Africa and then South America, all but eliminating the green army and controlling their capitol.
As in real life, one of the most bitter battles was in the middle east.
I managed to capture and control Asia, which allowed me to spread into Europe and eventually win the game.

*My main strategy was always to leave at least 2 armies behind. It didn't really put the odds in my favor, and I would expand much slower. But when the enemy is deciding to attack or not, several territories with more than one army LOOKS daunting.

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